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Practical Life Exercises:

The practical life exercises are a cornerstone of a child’s life. They are structured and ordered with the aim of making the child independent. The materials in practical life exercises are the familiar materials which the child sees every day in his life even at home. The materials here are child-sized so as to make the child comfortable in using them.

Practical life exercises on a surface level seems to be very simple and everyday routine work, but this has a far wider and deeper purposes to develop the child to be a confident person, help oneself, boosts up self-esteem, makes the child aware of his environment, and also develops mathematical concepts of logical thinking, decision making, estimation, one-to-one correspondence, etc. This induces in the child the element of inquiry, which in turn is the basis for all their learning in his life. PLE also can be called foundation exercises for the rest of the modules under Montessori methods such as sensorial, language, mathematics and culture.