Culture is the most important and happening module under the Montessori Method. The title of the subject is very apt as it comprises everything on earth. But to make it clear the method has four categories, zoology, botany, geography and history. Zoology starts with simple lessons of introducing model animals through the show and tell. The teacher shares the information at the same time prompts the child to add information about the known animals. Later the child is introduced to more animals which are unknown to the child. This is done through varieties of materials such as large picture sheets, small picture cards, jigsaw puzzles, freeze for life cycles, nomenclature cards, etc. The variation in the material keeps reinforcing the child by holding the interest through the graded material.

The activities of botany are similar to zoology, but there are few added activities such as botany cabinet, leaf press, etc. Through these activities, the child takes a trip to the world of flora and fauna.

The lessons of geography and history are a journey to the world of exploration and inquiry where the child learns about the earth and where he belongs to. There are a number of activities with simple exercises to make the child understand the story of earth and the evolution. The child also learns about the present era through understanding the information on various continents and countries. The cosmic approach to understand the world helps the child to understand his roles and responsibilities towards the world which in turn leads the child towards world peace.