NAHI JNANENA SADRUSHAM, There is no truth beyond knowledge, Truth is all pervasive believing so JNANAMUDRA  being an organization was started to serve rural India with a quality education.  Education is one of the primary requirements in India and the world. at this point in time because in many places, the bane of illiteracy has not disappeared yet.  If India wants to be self-sufficient, it should achieve 100% literacy. In India, there are many educational non-profitable organizations, who are contributing immensely to the growth of education. Apart from the public educational organizations, private educational organizations are also helping India to have a sound educational infrastructure and facilities.  JNANAMUDRA ENTERPRISES  being a producer of educational equipment such as furniture, shelves, toys and puzzles related to schools with Montessori equipment supports them.

The Indian educational organizations are providing customized education as per the requirements and expectations of the students as well as their parents.  With the emergence of these outstanding educational organizations in India, a huge change in the educational scenario has been noticed.  In fact, the importance of value-based education is increasing globally.  Keeping this in mind, JNANAMUDRA is supporting them with the essence of value in education with structured and precise curriculum according to the age and stage of the children.  The curriculum is treated in such a way that the child meets the target according to his individual potential.  By doing so, the child reaches the level of normalization through cognitive equilibrium.

JNANAMUDRA As A Company Has Two Wings:

  1.   1. Jnana Gamya believes in training the trainees to develop into top-of-the-line Montessori directress with conceptual skills and true understanding of the child to facilitate his unified development.
  2.   2. Jnana Gamya Provides Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (Birth to six years).
  3.   3. 100% placement assistance is guaranteed as it stands by the international standard of training (100% job assistance is guaranteed only in Bengaluru).
  1. Montessori Equipments Manufacturing Unit with sales and marketing:  Since purchase and investments upon Montessori equipment and furniture are too very expensive, JNANAMUDRA ENTERPRISES  as an organization entered into manufacturing Montessori equipment and furniture to help the Indian Educational Organizations by providing high quality international standard materials at an affordable rate.
  1. JNANAMUDRA takes a pride to be a member of
  1. i: Federation of Indian export organization
    ii: Export promotion council for handicraft.
  2. The products are made of seasoned wood that is handcrafted and painted using non-toxic paints.

Salient Features of Teachers Training Academy:

“Guru Sakshath Parabrahma”, Indian culture treats teachers next to the creator himself as in practical sense teachers are the sculptors of children’s future.  In turn, they are also moulding the society and the country by providing value-based education to children.  It is the teacher, who makes or mar the society through their intensity of quality and dedication towards education.  It is the responsibility of the Educational organizations to make teachers conscious about the value education and keep motivating them towards the same.  This being the sole principle, JNANA GAMYA plunged into the same, by providing rigorous teachers’ training course by opening the job opportunities within and outside the country.
It is a rewarding program, which presents an interesting and up-to-date Montessori teachers’ training.  Diploma in the Montessori method of education is a foundation course for any individual wishing to teach or work with children up to 6 years of age.
Students are provided with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, furnished with panel-board shelves containing an array of Montessori teaching apparatus and manipulatives with a comfortable student-trainer ratio.  This lays equal focus upon personality grooming of trainees.  In addition, there is also a student’s resource library.

This program includes individualized teaching from a team of dedicated and experienced lecturers, self-corrective materials as well as the stimulating environment  There are excellent job opportunities in India and abroad after the completion of the course.  Students find themselves well placed in Montessori as well as formal schools of high repute.  They even find themselves equipped to open schools of their own.  To sum up the course trains themselves delve into the depths of the child’s mind for the deeper understanding of the child’s needs, but also prepares them spiritually to serve the noble purpose of facilitating the child’s overall development as a parent or a teacher.

Salient Features of Montessori Equipments Manufacturing Unit with sales and marketing :

We are one of the leading Montessori educational materials manufacturers based in India – Bangalore.

The Montessori materials are manufactured under the strict quality controlled environment in-house adhering to all the norms of International Standards of Montessorian community.

Our philosophy is to produce high-quality eco-friendly Montessori education materials at an affordable price to benefit all Montessorian community at large.

The wood that is used for manufacturing comes from non-forest farmlands where only a part of the tree is cut which are re-grown, which discourages deforestation. The procured wood is seasoned naturally without any chemical treatment. The seasoned is directly used for manufacturing materials.

The varieties of wood used for Montessori equipment are beach wood, teak wood, certified pine plywood, rubberwood, non-toxic MDF etc. The wood that is purchased is heat treated by a certified Timber merchant.

The traditional handcraft from Karnataka, India that is Labware, which refers to wooden articles that are turned onto the lathe and finished with lac* are used to make educational equipment and toys.  LAC is a non-toxic natural resin that is extracted from natural sources like plants, trees, or minerals ex. yellow – turmeric powder, orange –Kanchi kumkum powder, red – Manjishta + Kanchi kumkum used for colouring lacware toys, which is used in painting the lacware toys.

The paint, polish, and any types of coloured articles are all of the non-toxic vegetable and plant extracts.

It is a big “NO” to child labour under JNANAMUDRA ENTERPRISES.

Following the standards of international and Montessori family, JNANAMUDRA  provides extremely high-quality equipment and furniture at an affordable price to encourage Education and Educational organizations to invest and progress in the field of Noble Profession of Education.